topum (topum) wrote,

Dress code mismatch

It is interesting how differently people in the nearby town and in our village dress.

In the nearby town, women walk the streets practically naked. Shorts, so short that they do not cover the buttocks' bottom third, tank tops, super low cut at the back and front, high heels and make up. This seems to be the summer uniform for women from sixteen to thirty five (but I have to admit, it does get very hot here). Men, however are fully dressed: jeans, shirts and t-shirts; long shorts and tank tops are not common.

In the village it is kind of the opposite. Women are quite covered, they wear skirts, usually slightly below the knee and long or short sleeve tops. Men however are usually dressed only in shorts, nothing else is required. They are always shirtless and often barefoot. They spend all summer like this. Only one item of clothing is required except for special occasions.

If you paired women from the town with men from the village you would get almost naked couples. Village women and town boys would make fully dressed couples. But no, they prefer naked women and fully dressed men in the nearby town and naked men and fully dressed women in the village.
Tags: moldova
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