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Brexit: Remanians, become Romanians!

Transylvania uses Brexit in its campaign to attract British entrepreneurs. Interestingly, they excluded Scotland and Northern Ireland and combined England and Wales together.

I think the bit about not wanting to be stuck on the same island with Boris and Nigel is not necessary. I would use something softer and not so negative because one does not have to try hard to get negative about Romania with its super corrupt politicians who can make Boris and Nigel look like Buddha and Mother Theresa so you just don't want to be in the looking-for-negatives space here.

Two Romanians have launched a DIY immigration campaign to tempt British entrepreneurs who are unhappy with the EU referendum result to relocate to Transylvania.

"Transylvania Beyond" is pushing promoted ads on Facebook saying: "If you don't fancy the idea of being stuck on an island with Boris & Nigel for the rest of your life, we might have a plan."

The post then links to a website encouraging people to move to Transylvania, the Romanian region famous for its association with Dracula. The website, specifically tailored to British citizens, then lists reasons to move such as great scenery, healthcare, good airport connections, fast internet speeds, and a large number of tech specialists.

The website ends with this message: "If you're interested to build a company in Transylvania, let us know and we can introduce you to the startup & tech community in Cluj, Transylvania."

The outreach is tinged with a sad irony — much of the right wing press' campaign against EU immigration has focused around the number of Romanians who have come to the UK. It's heartening to find they still have a place for Brits in their home.

"What we don’t have here is a solid entrepreneurial culture. If we can get a few hundred British entrepreneurs to move here and start a business here, we might solve the problem and create the spark that this region needs, in order to become a major tech hub in Europe."

Docea says the campaign has already been "more successful than we could have expected", adding: "Every 9 minutes there’s a new email coming from a British entrepreneur impressed by the story and interested in relocating to Transylvania.

"If we keep going like this, we expect to reach a thousand British entrepreneurs interested in Transylvania in less than a month. If 5% of them will actually start a business here this year, it’s already an amazing achievement for our region."

As well as the Transylvania Beyond campaign, the Guardian reports that Bucharest newspaper Gandul has launched a "Romanians for Remainians" campaign calling for Brits to "leave the Brexiters, the quarrelling and the weather behind" and "start brand new life."

There are quite a lot of Brits who already live in Transylvania, we have heard about more than a couple of writers for example. The guy who runs the largest real estate agency is also British apparently, he used to be a design manager at Aston Martin we were told. We also heard about one guy who helps the children of Romanian elite get into Oxford and Cambridge and prepares them for it. He is doing very well apparently. And there is Prince Charles of course. You can become his neighbour in Breb on the cheap. We were told that he spends at least a couple of weeks each year there and William and Harry also visit.
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