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New house and blood in the woods

So today was a busy day with no time for siesta. I bought an old house in the village, which we will turn into a community centre for the village and our project office. The land around it will be turned into a park and part of it will be used for the infrastructure we need for our project. We needed the land, renting here is difficult but the properties are dirt cheap so I just bought an old house for 2,000 euro.

There was a huge fight in the village today. Two boys fought over a girl. It was really old school and very brutal. We were in the garden of the newly purchased house when we saw our host's sister, a young girl, running and screaming "Everyone, quickly! Dragos and Ionut are killing each other there, near the woods! Quick!" And she went on running through the village. We quickly dropped everything and ran towards the woods. Some other villagers ran behind us.

When we reached the place we saw a circle of boys and in the middle of it Dragos and Ionut were fighting. The guys are both seventeen. The other boys, about the same age did not interfere, apparently the rules are that they can only interfere once one of the guys fighting clearly won and is just killing the other one without much resistance from him anymore.

Boy, these two young idiots were not kidding, they were covered in blood. Just as we approached one of them threw the other one over himself with the sound of cracking bones. As our host and I rushed towards the two idiots a couple of boys tried to prevent us from entering the circle telling us that the guys had to sort it out between themselves and that there was no other way anyway. I did not understand what they were saying at the time but I pushed one of them away and he fell and our host slapped the other one and yelled at him. We entered the circle and started pulling Dragos and Ionut away from each other but they just wouldn't let go of each other and kept clinging to each other while still hitting each other. Other guys from the village joined us by then and it took us a minute to separate the two. Blood was everywhere and their faces looked like plates of minced meat. Some women from the village also came over by then and started yelling at the boys who formed the circle around the fight. Dragos and Ionut did not utter a word through all of this.

Both of them are in hospital and needed stitches. That was all the village could talk about for the rest of the day. The boys grew up together in the village and used to be good friends. Until both of them fell for Ilinca that is.

PS: Yes, Ilinca is a beautiful girl.
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