topum (topum) wrote,

The cinnamon buns will be avenged

Helga made a lot of cinnamon buns today. Just as she took them out of the oven, one of our volunteers came over to talk to me and went "OMG! The smell!". Of course he got two warm cinnamon buns. After he left our house, he went to the community centre and spread the news about the cinnamon buns and in no time everyone came over to our place and ate them all.

Me watching all MY cinnamon buns disappear:

The kid loves them and Helga will make more tomorrow. But the volunteer who couldn't keep a secret is getting assigned to work alone in the wettest, muddiest, coldest ditch on the outskirts of the village all day tomorrow. He probably will get very cold, but then revenge unlike cinnamon buns is best served cold. I get very vindictive when it comes to cinnamon buns.

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