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While the boys spent most of the day building things out of snow and bombing both those things and each other, the girls got tired of the snow around lunch time and moved inside the community centre. They picked a corner next to the window and set up either a cafe or a shop or something with all their toy plastic dishes and cups and scales and dolls, etc and kept themselves busy.

One of the boys was messing with them though by running into the community centre, stealing their stuff (mostly their toy plates) and running outside with it to use it in the boys' snow building activities. The girls protested but could not do much. Until Rodica (Roh-DEE-kah) joined them that is. The first raid after Rodica joined the girls ended very badly for the raider. Rodica caught the poor boy, took back the plate he stole...and pushed it into his face so hard that he fell back on the floor. Because ain't nobody got time for that shit. Rodica certainly ain't. She then jumped on top of him and slapped him in the face with that plate a couple of times before he managed to free himself and run outside empty-handed. When victorious Rodica returned to her girlfriends with the plate, they told her that it was not the first plate he stole from them. Rodica put on her coat, hat and boots, went outside, pulled all the plastic plates out of the boys' snowmen and fortresses, while barking something at the boys and returned to the community centre with the plates to the delight of the rest of the girls. The boys did nothing. I think they know that Rodica really is about that life.

I did not interfere, because for once it wasn't our kid in the middle of it all kicking things off and it was awesome and also rare, so I was determined to enjoy not having to do anything this time. And the local parents do not care about the stuff like that, it is deemed too minor to interfere and the kids are let to sort it out between themselves ("they need to learn to sort things out themselves"). While Rodica was on top of the boy, her aunt who happened to be inside the community centre saw it from the other side of the room and did tell her "Rodica enough, let him go" and then just went on doing her thing (while Rodica went on with the slapping, she treated her aunt's words as a suggestion, which she decided not to take on board this time).
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