topum (topum) wrote,

Don't touch the dead squirrel!

With all that snow and all those hills, it is all about sledging for the kids here now. A bunch of city kids were visiting us here today with their parents and they joined the local kids for all that sledging fun.

The city boys were made fun of by the local boys at first though because they wanted to go downhill sitting on their sledges. But here only girls do that. Boys always go downhill "bullet style" lying on their stomachs on their sledges using their hands to gain speed at first and then help control the sledge (but also grab each other's sledges, push each other aside, etc).

One of the city mums was a bit overbearing and a bit hyper and she made things much worse for her son when she pulled a fleece blanket out of her bag and tried to cover her son's legs while he was sitting on his sledge preparing to go downhill. He was mortified and went "Muuuuuuuum! Please! Noooooo!!!!!!" while looking very embarrassed. She argued with him for a minute but then reluctantly took the blanket away and put it back into her bag.

After the kids wend down the hill they did not run back up again right away but formed a circle and were sorting something out between themselves.

Hyper city mum: Oh, what are they doing? OK, let's go down there! What are they doing there? Why are they not running back up? What is happening? Let's go down there!

One of the village mums: Just let them be, nobody fell, they are all OK, they are not fighting or arguing, just leave them alone, they'll start climbing back up shortly, they always have their own stuff going on.

City mum: (getting really hyper) No! We should go down there! What if they are doing something stupid?!

One of the village dads: They are most definitely doing something stupid, they are 4 to 10 year old boys, they ARE stupid. But they are all OK and not in any danger, so we should just let them be. Look, they are looking at something on the ground, they probably just found a dead frozen squirrel, they might even bring it up here.

City mum (completely horrified, off the top of her lungs): Mishaaaaaaaa! (her son's name) Don't touch the dead squirrel!

Poor Misha just couldn't catch a break today.

PS: No squirrels died or were harmed in the making of this post. Poor Misha's street cred among the local boys was the only thing that took a hit (but we managed to get his mum to relax a bit and he quickly recovered from it and had a great day sledging with the boys in the end).
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