topum (topum) wrote,

I'll tell you who DGAF about the sudden snowfall

Zhuchka and her new boyfriend. Especially her new boyfriend. All he cares about now is Zhuchka (I know brother). Whenever she comes close to us and he can't follow her because he is afraid of us, he becomes absolutely restless and panicky that she is getting away. And when she goes inside the community centre, he just sits there under the snow with total and absolute sadness in his eyes staring at the door non-stop.

"Can he come too? I really like him. I think he might be a keeper. Please?"

But Zhuchka and her boyfriend are not the only ones not to GAF about the snowfall, IDGAF too so I still went swimming today as usual. Everyone else bitched out. Their excuse was that the lake "doesn't look inviting". Looks fine to me:

And the swim was awesome as usual.
Tags: dogs
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