topum (topum) wrote,

It's not about the the journey, it's about the destination

Oh gawd...please keep the 20-year-old "it's not about the destination, it's about the journey" (cue in a super fake ass beatific smile) bitches as far away from me as possible, there are way too many of them these days.

Listen up people, I am in the mood to share my vast wisdom with the world again and I am telling you that it absolutely IS about the destination. Because if you don't give a fuck about some destination, you are not even going to have a journey. You only get to understand that it is about the journey and not about the destination looking back at it from the destination not by bitching out before you start. You don't get to become wise without reaching some destination and going through everything that it involves.

And can I just add that there is nothing more disturbing than a super moralising, super wise but super idle 20-year-old. Stop being such a pompous pretentious ass and go live a little, you know, try to have that fucking journey you won't shut up about (warning: it most definitely will make you feel "unsafe" by the current campus standard). Find a fucking destination you give a fuck about a lot and go for it. And no, you can't just shame others for not going there because they are better equipped than you to do it, you have to actually go for it yourself. And yes, you most likely won't get there, most of us don't (and that will be "the journey").

You can find some more life changing wisdom from me here. I now regret that I did not tag all of my wisdom sharing posts and some of them are lost forever which obviously is a huge blow to mankind and especially to my vast readership of 12 people.
Tags: lifelessons, wisdom
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