topum (topum) wrote,

Banana bread

Helga now bakes banana bread at least every other day because the kid loves it so much. He is so happy when it is out of the oven. The locals here had never heard of it before Helga introduced it here and it has now become one of their strong favourites.

When it comes to banana bread, I don't do slices and need a loaf of my own, which I usually kill in one go. Some people enjoy it with butter but I like mine with a lecture by one of our healthy nut volunteers (so many of them these days) on "science" of carbs or fats or calories or starches or metabolism or death or something (I am not really listening of course). All I know is that that "science" has been ever changing so far and what was apparently really bad for us yesterday is good for us today but banana bread stayed consistently awesome so I am going with the banana bread over that "science" for now.

PS: Btw, why do extreme healthy eating nuts often look like androgynous dried up fishes ten years older than their actual age?
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