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It's all over!

Bellew down! The Ukrainian just ended the Liverpudlian Bomber's dream and career here in Manchester Arena with an absolutely spectacular combination of punches in round 8. What a night. This Ukrainian is truly special. He walked in to a chorus of boos (the fight being in the UK), he is getting bathed in applause now.

"I tried my best. I gave it everything I got. He's an exceptional fighter. Oleksandr Usyk is a great, great champion. He beat me fair and square, I have no excuses. I don't even know what he caught me with. He's exceptional. He's done everything. I've fought the very, very best. He's just better than me. You've got to accept it. I have nothing but respect for him. Anyone that faces him will have a lot of trouble. This is heartbreaking. There's a difference between world-class and elite. I wish you well Oleksandr. It's definitely the end [of my career].

He is just so hard and so awkward. He is big and he overpowers you. I tried my best and he is probably the best cruiserweight that ever lived.

He is better than what it says on the box. It is heartbreaking because I gave it everything I had. Heavyweights stay away, he takes a great shot and I don't even know if I hurt him. I have been doing this for 20 years, and it is definitely over."

- Tony Bellew

"I enjoyed being here in the UK, most of my dreams have come true here."

- Oleksandr Usyk
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