topum (topum) wrote,

Utopia or gulag?

Scandinavia comes up so often in discussions between the Democrats and the Republicans. They are arguing about it at our community centre right now. I just grabbed a beer and went back to the office, I am no longer interested, I have heard it many times before, the liberals will try to make it into some elfish hippie utopia (it isn't) and the conservatives will try to have everyone believe that it is an awful commie statist gulag which is only kept afloat by the US paying for it somehow (it isn't).

I do find the conservatives' burning wish to see Scandinavia go up in flames, go bankrupt, invaded by both Russia and ISIS at the same time, burned down by the refugees and terrorised by both murderous manic transgender feminists and jihadists both hilarious and a little unsettling though.

But let's hear what Donald Trump has to say about Denmark, you can't go wrong with that:

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