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I am a party pooper

Obviously it is a fun evening at our community centre. We have fire in the fireplace, we have drinks in our hands and of course we have the US election to discuss. Both our Democrat and our Republican volunteers are trying really hard to lie to themselves and paint the picture better than it is in reality for their party.

Republicans: OMG look how red the election map is! OMG! It is a win! Yay!

Me: only looks so red if you paint the countless square miles of desolate uninhabited prairies red. But since square miles of barren land don't vote but people do, this map that takes it into account can be much more useful for illustrating what is really going on. Please do note how much less red it is:

Also, I think it is important to note that dems won in WI, MI and PA and if Trump loses those states in 2020, he is not getting re-elected.

Democrats: OMG! We have retaken the House! It is a win! We did so well! Yay!

Me:, you didn't:

Midterm Election, Most House Seats Lost by President's Party in Power (NY Times data since 1946)

2010 Obama: -63
1994 Clinton: -52
1958: Eisenhower: -48
1974 Ford (Nixon): -48
1966 Johnson: -47
1946 Truman: -45
2006 Bush: -30
1950 Truman: -29
1982 Reagan: -26
2018 Trump: -26

And most of your new stars like Abrams, Gillum and O'Rourke lost.

And this goes on when we move to more detailed discussions of the results. I am now a mortal enemy of both the Democrats and the Republicans here (which I actually find very comforting and I view it as another proof that I am still somewhat sane).
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