topum (topum) wrote,


One of my friends just had a DMT trip. This is the shit that is in that shamanic stuff they use in South America and is the substance that some believe is produced by the pineal gland in the brain in large quantities when we die.

Holy shit, I have never seen the man so shaken and I know him for ages and have seen him go through a lot of stuff. DMT trips are very short (5 - 15 mins but it feels like years to those who trip apparently) but are super intense and completely otherwordly (most people are convinced they died during the trip and report letting go of their ego completely and time stopping) and all include encounters and communication with "beings"  there "on the other side". The trip reports are all very similar, including the types of beings, etc.

I am almost curious but I have always been very much against any mind altering stuff except alcohol. Anything that fucks with my brain I am absolutely not interested.

Have you heard about (or tried) DMT?

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