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Safety can be time consuming

Helga's list of acceptable airlines keeps getting shorter. We will soon be flying from Chisinau to Bucharest (50 minutes flight) via Singapore or NYC. We might finally be visiting Russia soon and all of a sudden Helga is having problems with Aeroflot and I don't see why, their planes are new and they have a very good safety record.

You can fly to Moscow from here by the local Air Moldova (a no-no these days, I agree) and two Russian airlines, Aeroflot (their main one) and S7 (older planes than Aeroflot). Air Moldova is the fastest, because unlike the Russians it can fly its planes to Russia over Ukraine, which is the optimal flight path. The Russians are banned from Ukraine's airspace and have to fly around Ukraine adding about an hour and a half to the 1 hour 45 minutes flight. Aeroflot is perfectly OK but Helga planned to fly Lufthansa via Germany, which means flying in the opposite direction to Germany first and then flying back to Moscow from there turning those original 1 hour 45 minutes into 5.5 hours plus a layover.
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