topum (topum) wrote,

Putin again, nothing happens without Putin

Not even the best thing ever.

Everything is set up. The big screen, the drinks, the snacks. We are so ready for this epic presser:

Just a couple of hours to go. This is expected to be so heated that for the first time in UFC history the public is not allowed to attend (which will take away from the mood of the event, because Conor feeds on the energy of the crowd). Just the press and the fighters. Conor will dominate the press conference, he is the best show man in the business and the UFC's golden child and Khabib's English is bad, but the only thing that really counts is who will dominate in the octagon in two weeks.

All the local guys are rooting for Khabib for many reasons but one of them is slightly counterintuitive. They are not frond of Putin here. And even though Khabib is Russian (he is Dagestani but Dagestan is part of Russia these days), his relationship with Putin is known to be strained, apparently he is not a fan. Conor McGregor on the other hand is a big fan of Putin, he was his guest in Moscow during the World Cup final and was praising Putin as "one of the best leader of our times" in his Instagram, etc. Khabib attended that final too but was not invited to meet Putin even though he not Conor is the reigning UFC champion and the first UFC champion from Russia. But apparently Putin only wants to see his fanboys (and Conor did do some serious fangirling at and after that meeting). So one of the reasons (although not one of the main ones) the local guys are rooting for Khabib is because this fight is between the Big Fan Of Putin From Ireland (Conor) vs The Russian Who Apparently Is Not That Impressed With Putin (Khabib). I don't care about any of this stuff, I only care about the fight itself.

THIS FIGHT IS THE BEST THING EVER (yes, I used all caps). Period. Don't @ me.
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