topum (topum) wrote,

Dick panic

Apparently Russia is in the midst of some serious dick storm. One of their TV presenters in her latest interview said that she thought that "a 15 centimetre (6 inch) dick is basically a "death sentence" for a man". She added "Just imagine, you are a 30-year-old dude and you have just 15 cm down there, it can't be helped, nothing can compensate for it ever". Here she is in that glorious moment:

This didn't go down very well with a lot of dudes in Russia. Apparently they have been making a lot of angry youtube videos where they console each other with various studies on average dick length (3 inch fully erect apparently, so everyone is huge) and basically agree that the woman is just a huge bitch with a giant vagina. Larry David did it best, so basically this:

Tags: russia
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