topum (topum) wrote,

This place has the highest concentration of cat ladies in the world

Apparently the Russians and the Americans are really into cats:

I cannot say how many cats we have because they are kinda shared with our neighbours and you can't really tell which ones are yours and which ones are theirs. They live mostly outside but sometimes come inside as well. They like the attic and in winter they live in our small guest house which is heated (they can come in and out as they please through the hole with a flap). You can pet most of the girls and many even like it but most boys won't be touched, they come really close and can sleep right next to you or take food from you hands but won't let you pet them (you'll get scratched). The girls are sterilised after they give birth once but the boys aren't castrated, which I fully support (no castration of any kind will be tolerated in our house). If you castrate the boys they stop being territorial apparently and other boys (that still have their balls on them) just move in so we need the boys to keep their balls to chase other boys away and regulate the cat population a bit. Apparently nature does not tolerate dicklessness and requires some minimal concentration of working dick per square foot.
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