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Do you have any ideas for the mayor guys?

The mayor's office of Balti (pronounced as "belts"), Moldova's "northern capital" and its second largest city (anywhere outside Moldova it would be just a small town, it is about the size of Grimsby in Lincolnshire) asked the Moldovan diaspora abroad for ideas to improve the city based on the things they see working well where they live now. The focus is on small ideas that do not require a lot of money to implement because the city is completely broke of course just like the rest of the country.

Last year, the winning idea came from a Canadian Moldovan and a former resident of Balti who suggested small public libraries where people could contribute the books they have read and no longer needed. The mayor's office implemented the idea, you can see half of such a library on the right in this photo. It wasn't a success though because all the books that the mayor's office placed in those libraries to start the process got stolen overnight and no books where contributed by anyone since then and if someone does leave a book there it just gets stolen within an hour. Even if people aren't going to read the book, they'll steal it for the paper (to burn in their fireplaces or to wrap things) and even if they don't need paper, they'll still steal it because if you don't steal it then someone else will and it will be your loss, so don't be stupid and steal it first, you can figure out what to do with it later. So all those libraries just stand there permanently empty.

If you guys have any ideas for the mayor, let me know and I'll pass them on.
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