topum (topum) wrote,

Taking out Russia-backed leaders

Just days after the president of Donbass, the pro-Russian break-away region of Ukraine was murdered in an explosion, Gennady Gagulia, the prime minister of Abkhazia, a Russian-backed republic that broke away from Georgia was killed in a car crash. And just hours after that crash a lorry ploughed through the convoy of Moldova's pro-Russia president. I took a close up photo of him once (see here). The president survived and is hospitalised but his mother and his driver are in critical condition apparently.

I don't know, even though the Russians seem to be fond of all kinds of weird radioactive and chemical shit to take their enemies out, I think they still ended up being a bit more precise in their attacks. The explosion that took the president of Donbass out killed six other people including a child.

Update: The BBC posted the video of the Moldovan president's car getting hit:
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