topum (topum) wrote,

The ice cream saga continues

Anyone who thought that Helga would just let this (see here) go, doesn't know Helga.

I worked at the nature reserve today in the morning (under the rain) and I came home to change for the meetings I have in the neighbouring town just in time to say hello to our milkman who was delivering industrial quantities of fresh cream from the local cows to our house for some reason. The reason became clear when I found a huge cooking / tasting party going on in our kitchen and dining room. Yep, Helga is making industrial quantities of home-made ice cream with a gang of local girls and some of our volunteers. The whole house smells of milk, honey, vanilla, chocolate, berries and cookies. The kid's very happy face is covered in honey, jam, chocolate and cookie crumbs and he very obviously approves of this initiative.
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