topum (topum) wrote,


It is amazing how much of an impact on a male face a bunch of missing hairs can have when those hairs are from the eyebrows. I have never seen a man who had his eyebrows "tidied up" and didn't end up looking like a surprised super gay alien. The worst of the unibrows won't fuck you up as much as "tidying up" the eyebrows. And you notice that something is very wrong with the face right away even though it might take you a while to figure out what it is exactly. A lot is going on on a face but pluck a couple of hairs out of those eyebrows and the whole thing is somehow transformed. On the other hand maybe there are successful cases of "tidying up" mens' eyebrows and we just don't notice them because they are successful. Still, if you are a dude and are not going for that Spock look, leave those eyebrows alone.

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