topum (topum) wrote,

What would be your ideal dinner for this Saturday?

Anyone from our team can nominate anything they want to be cooked for Wednesday lunch and Saturday dinner by writing it down on the whiteboard in our canteen. Everyone else can then vote for the entries by adding a "+" next to their favourite entry and the winning entry becomes the menu.

It is fascinating how it all was very simple in the beginning but has now evolved into sophisticated campaigning. It starts with trying to outdo each other when putting the thing on the whiteboard. It used to be just the name of the dish but now it is always something like "crispy on the outside, tender and melt-in-your mouth on the inside", etc. Then people started taping pictures printed out from the internet in full colour and resolution to the whiteboard next to their entries. Now people also campaign for their entries face-to-face and via texting. I think we are just a step away from Putin meddling in our voting here.

What would be your ideal dinner for this Saturday?
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