topum (topum) wrote,

What are your three biggest turn-offs?

Because we have free flow wine, beer and brandy at our community centre in the evenings and because we are not in the US or Western Europe where every word can apparently cause irreparable trauma via offence and result in oppression of everyone on Earth and firing of everyone on Earth as well as twelve figure payouts (and double that for the lawyers), the convos at our community centre in the evenings can go places. And we want to keep it that way.

Yesterday I walked in on a group of our volunteers (drunk af) telling each other what their three biggest turn offs were. Not the specific things one would do in bed and not the generic things about someone as a person (e.g. "stupid people turn me off"). Also not the obvious things that would turn most people off like really bad BO or black teeth. I didn't participate (I was sober), just listened for a couple of minutes but I tried to think about mine on the way home and I think they are:

1. Dominant women. I don't mean proactive women or women who take initiative, I mean dominant and all that femdom scene or even a slightest hint of it. Huge turn off for me.

2. Anything over-engineered, over-planned and too staged / divorced from reality (or what I view as such anyway) and involving too many props and toys. Dressing up as PVC Santa and Moana and having sex on a sex swing using hot wax, 34 butt plugs, 17 vibrators while wearing nipple bells is not my thing. Ditto bath tubs with rose petals in it and 345 smelly candles and 45 teddy bears around it, live band playing Mozart, covering each other in jam / cream, etc. I would rather just stop the car on our way home, carry her into the roadside woods and bend her over a tree stump (or even get a bj while driving) than all those elaborate and planned things if I had to choose between the two.

3. Anything to do with gender-bending and/or fluidity especially on the male side. Won't cross dress, no starp-ons, no other men in bed with us (either bi or not), no shemales (or whatever is the PC term for it this week), etc. But am game for more than one girl and girl-on-girl.

I now suspect that I might be no fun in bed at all haha. What are your three biggest turn-offs people?
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