topum (topum) wrote,

You are truly abroad now

A new group of US volunteers arrived today and they joined the rest of us for a celebration at one of the neighbouring towns. We were invited to watch a play at the town's school there after the official part was over. The action on stage included a lot of horrific blackface and the n-word was used by everyone around us. The n-word is used by the locals like we would use "POC". But calling a person of colour "black" for example would be very rude (I wrote about it here). There are hardly any people of colour in Moldova and none in rural areas.

We are accustomed to it by now but you should have seen the faces of our newly-arrived American volunteers. I think that many of them never came closer to a catastrophe in their entire lives. That actually was a nice intro for them, a bit brutal but will save me a lot of time at the induction session this Saturday.

You have been complaining that the world is getting too globalised and it is getting kinda the same everywhere? Welcome guys, you are truly abroad now.
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