topum (topum) wrote,

Am I a woman?

After finally talking to that "trans" volunteer I told you about a while ago for two hours, I am not sure anymore if I am just a straight dude or an assigned-male-at-birth masculine-presenting transmasculine butch lesbian transwoman. I don't think there is a way of knowing.

Yeah, I am not buying any of that shit. A straight dude does not become "trans" (and obviously the most oppressed and marginalised of them all) just because he gets an asymmetric lesbian haircut and feels like calling himself "xir". And his tendency to discount body dysphoria in trans folks (he loves his dick and has none obviously and dresses/skirts are also not his thing) simply as "self hate rooted in discrimination" and shame lesbians for not wanting to do dick (something they should work on apparently) is a clear sign that it is same old shit really, a straight dude looking to make everything about himself and push women into feeling guilty for not sleeping with him. Hardly anything new.

I have to give him some points for ingenuity though, he tries to get there with minimal "investment". A ten bucks asymmetric haircut and an invented pronoun and he gets to hijack both the LGBTQ and womens' rights discussions and get centred in both plus a potential free pass to shame women for not wanting to sleep with him. Lesbians not wanting to suck you off is oppression and borderline bigotry these days apparently.

Nothing is real, biological sex isn't real, genital preferences aren't real, body dysphoria isn't real. The only thing that is real and cannot be questioned / changed / worked on is his haircut preferences and his choice of pronouns, they are the cornerstone the rest of the world rests upon. The rest we all must work on to accommodate him (oh sorry, I mean xem of course). It's science, people.
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