topum (topum) wrote,

Ass kicking time again

A party of city folks came to our village to buy some watermelons from our neighbours today. The group included several kids and the whole group decided to walk around the village for a bit.

One of the city kids crushed a stag beetle with his foot for no reason in front of our kid and his gang who were playing in front of our house. Our kid kicked the boy's ass even though the city kid was almost twice his size. The other boy's mother had to pull our kid off her son and Helga ran out of the house just in time to help her.

Helga did the talk herself this time because she saw right away that I was secretly proud of the kid and if I had done the talk I would have "said things like I didn't fully mean them and the kid would have felt it" blah, blah, blah, all that stuff. I'll do the talk again tomorrow of course (Helga's talk will never work anyway, she doesn't feel how this works).

We ended up inviting the city folks to our garden for a glass of lemonade (it was really hot here today) and had a good laugh with them.

Why would you crush one of these awesome fellas:

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