topum (topum) wrote,

The cat responsible for my vegetarian lunch

I had mettings in the nearby town today and dropped into one of the diners to grab a quick lunch in between. I had a chicken steak. Well, I ordered a chicken steak and paid for it but this furry bastard had it:

He appeared under my table the moment they brought my steak and kept looking straight into my eyes with that "I am very very very hungry but I am not saying anything or asking for anything" face. I gave him a piece and he turned out to be so hungry that he swallowed it in a second growling. Obviously, I didn't taste the steak, this bastard had all of it. I had to run to the next meeting and had no time to order another steak. This was one of those rare cases when I had a vegetarian lunch (side salad and potatoes that came with my steak).

Just look at this smooth bastard again:

Tags: cats
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