topum (topum) wrote,

What do you think gang?

I talked to Elizabeth on the phone. As you may remember she is in Norway but she is renovating her house in the village (you may also remember that her boyfriend gave it to her for her birthday) remotely. She hired our former Dutch volunteers for the job.

During our conversation she mentioned how much she liked azulejos and all those colourful Portuguese tiles. Obviously, I went into the first tile shop I saw after we hang up and bought some tiles as a present for her to do a wall somewhere. The shop will ship the tiles directly to her house.

Both Helga and Elizabeth will get mad at me for not discussing it with them for 234 months first and then looking at 128,697 pictures and then spending another 34 months agonising and choosing the tiles and then another 7 months trying to find the best price, etc. I am not capable of planning, I just do stuff right away or not at all.

PS: Helga already told me that she would not have chosen these tiles and neither would Elizabeth. Obviously, haha.

As you know, I don't do "subtle", "understated" or "tasteful", life is too short for that shit. So here, they are hand made apparently:

What do you think gang?
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