topum (topum) wrote,

I am not turning into this

This is what I was talking about here. Whatever you pick up in our kitchen is going to look like this:

This tiny jar of turmeric root is:
- Co-op grown
- Organic
- Non-GMO
- Fair-trade
- Non-ETO (wtf is this?)
- Non-irradiated
And it's got all these labels to prove it. Oh look, it is even Kosher. Well, the more, the better.

And they have a bit more for us, telling us that the co-op is member-owned (is there any other kind?) and giving us the permission to feel good is a nice touch. And look, they also kindly explain what that ETO thing is. And both Norway and USA are on the label as well. It is not locally-grown because they don't grow turmeric here.

The bottle is glass not plastic clearly (don't get me started on us vs plastic, it will require 175 posts at least) and we are going to recycle the living crap out of it obviously. It would not be unreasonable to assume that when we are on our death beds our last pills will be fed to us out of this very jar.

I am gonna go and have a cheap and nasty hot dog with processed meat and cheap mustard out of a huge plastic bottle because I am not under any circumstances turning into this:

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