topum (topum) wrote,

Check-in time

The kid now always needs Helga to be there in the evening to go to bed. She reads to him, they talk and then he falls asleep. A couple of weeks ago Helga went to Bucharest for a meeting and had to stay there overnight and even though he knew that she wouldn't be there in the evening, in the end I had to place my laptop next to his bed, get Helga on Skype and she did the whole bed time routine with him. I tried to do it but it didn't work. He just kept asking about Helga over and over again and wouldn't go to sleep. He doesn't care if I am at home or not at bedtime.

But in the morning it is exactly the opposite, he needs to see me in the morning and if Helga is not there he is fine as long as he sees me. Today I left to have breakfast with the team at the community centre before he woke up and he didn't want to have breakfast when he woke up and got Helga to take him to the community centre so that he could see me. He ended up having breakfast with me there too. Once he sees me in the morning, he is fine with me leaving for the day. But he needs us not to miss the daily fixed "check-in" times, Helga's is at bed time and mine is in the morning when he wakes up. Once we "register", we are free to go for the day if we need to.
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