topum (topum) wrote,

Saint George the Compassionate

We are not religious but we go to church every Sunday here because the kid goes to church every Sunday. The Sunday liturgy is a big thing here where everyone gets to see everyone and he loves it.

So yesterday I saw this new unusual icon of Saint George at the church and it caught my attention. I could not take the picture of the actual icon inside the church but I found it on the internet:

So Saint George slew the dragon, which is lying dead in front of its cave but the problem George has now are the two little baby dragons who are now orphans because of him so he has to feed them and he does.

The icon is called Saint George the Compassionate, φιλεύσπλαχνος means "compassionate" in Greek. I am not sure how compassionate the mother of the two rabbits / wild pigs (or whatever they are) which he killed to feed them to the baby dragons finds him but I guess that's not the point here.
Tags: art
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