topum (topum) wrote,

Wrestling and duck

The kid and I just came back from the neighbouring town's sports school, which is one of his favourite destinations. It was hard to get him to leave, he loves it so much.

He happens to be very fighty just like I was and he is very good at it too. I was like that as a kid and so were my brothers. Luckily my dad and my granddad were the same and they knew exactly how we worked and how to manage and raise us so that we didn't become bullies. Now I can do it for the kid.

At the sports school it was basically something like this:

And this happens every know and then when they let the village grannies to the open workouts and training sessions:

We had a great day and we are very hungry. And Helga made duck for dinner today, which both the kid and I love. I just need to get some wine from the cellar.
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