topum (topum) wrote,

Normal is not fun

Our team of volunteers is close to its maximum size now and the village is buzzing with life. I am not happy though. Because all of our volunteers are good and normal and I want entertainment.

We don't have even one crazy "non-binary gender-fluid gender-flux pansexual aromantic pangender demiboy" SJW with interesting pronouns who is passionate about fighting oppression of everyone by everyone (think just your usual super privileged and desperate for attention dude or girl with an interesting haircut and teenage anger issues that won't go away). We also don't have anyone form the other side of the spectrum, you know someone who is eager to open our eyes on how Europe is now dead and how every single person in Sweden is raped at least seven times every day by at least twelve Muslim refugees ("Look at this article from Breitbart!", etc) and it's all liberals' fault.

I hope we get someone absolutely batshit crazy soon because it's not fun otherwise.
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