topum (topum) wrote,

It was great

I am just letting you all know quickly that the cream tea was a huge success. The locals love it. Now everyone asks us to order Fortnum and Mason tea for them. The stuff sold in the shops here is really bad but the locals were OK with it until they tasted the tea we use. We order teas for our volunteer canteen from the UK, it isn't Fortnum and Mason but it is proper tea and not some finely ground garbage they call tea here. Local herbal teas native to Moldova are excellent here but the proper tea they sell here is rubbish.

We already put the village in Hermes scarves (see here) and now we also got them into Fortnum and Mason teas. I am not sure we are not confusing the hell out of this village. This is probably the only village in the country where grannies get together for Fortnum and Mason cream tea in Hermes scarves a couple of times a week. Actually those Hermes scarves are probably too French to be worn while having proper English cream tea and we should replace them with something much more English, say Liberty scarves.
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