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A very English afternoon: Cornwall vs Devon

They make a lot of different dairy products here, some of them were new to us. All of the dairy we use here is home made in our village using the milk from our village cows. One thing they knew nothing about here though was clotted cream. But Helga taught the locals how to make it and it took off and quickly became very popular.

Helga teamed up with a volunteer from Devon and they made a lot of it. They also made a lot of wild strawberry jam (we are in the middle of wild strawberry season here and the kids bring buckets of them from the forest). You see where this is going, right? Clotted cream, strawberry jam, Devon. Yes, Helga and our Devonian volunteer teamed up and will be baking a lot of scones tomorrow and will treat everyone to Devon/Cornish cream tea with freshly baked scones and Fortnum & Mason tea.

I intend to wind up our Devonian volunteer tomorrow and do it (and teach everyone around me to do it) the Cornish / London way, which is jam first, then cream on top not the Devonian way, which is cream first then jam on top.

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