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American Land

We had a big dinner at our community centre with our first big group of volunteers and the locals to open the season and the girls from the neighbouring village, which is Ukrainian, sang some Ukrainian folk songs after the dinner.

This song seemed to be everyone's favourite, it is called "American Land" and it is about the emigration of the Western Ukrainians to the New World in the second half of 19th century.

Here is the translation of the lyrics ("American" is "Ghameritsky" in Ukrainian). It sounds as true and relevant today as it did then with Ukraine caught in the geopolitical war between Russia and NATO and spiralling down eaten by its corrupt mafia government from within.

American Land

I would fly away to the edge of the world,
Like that wind, that flies over the fields, hey,
To the American land
But wish I'd never leave you, my hut,
I'm sorry for you, my hut under the thatched roof...

Oh, we have the greatest grief -
Here we cannot earn money, hey,
I must travel far away.
But wish I'd never leave you, my forests,
I'm sorry for you, my green ones...

I'm sorry for you, my grey buffaloes,
I've been caring about you for a long time,
Oh, I'm so sorry for you!
For otherwise I would have gone
to the American land.

Oh, I'm sorry for you, my motherland,
Where my father and my mother live,
Oh, I'm so sorry for you!
Whatever the grief we have - I won't go
to the American land.

Here is another Ukrainian folk song sang by Milla Jovovich who was born in Ukraine (so was Mila Kunis). The girls sang this one too.

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