topum (topum) wrote,

What would Stalin do?

My brother and our friend who is designing the new school for the village just left. Getting them to the airport was a challenge because of the snow.

If you want to predict what the suggestions of the local authorities here would be about anything, just ask yourself what do you think would Stalin do. Their ideas about the school basically were bulldoze the hill out, cut down all the trees, drown everything in concrete, build a concrete box with the smallest windows possible in the middle of that concrete desert, cover it with plastic on the inside and restrict the kids' ability to access as many areas in the building and around it as possible.

Yeah, we are going to do exactly the opposite of all of this though. The school will be build into the hill and around the trees, it will have a glass wall and not many walls and doors inside and a lawn on the roof for the kids to play on.
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