topum (topum) wrote,

I guess I am a whiny bitch

OK people, at what age does Lego go away? I have to ask because I am pretty sure that the way it is going now I am going to have both of my feet amputated pretty soon. Those Lego blocks look pretty innocent, why the hell does it feel like your foot is being impaled on a red hot barbed steel rod when you step on one?

Helga is telling me that this is because I always stomp around like a T Rex. Well, I am 6'7". She also tells me that this is because I never look under my feet. Well, I did that thing called "nice oak floors" that are perfectly smooth exactly so that I don't have to look under my feet all the time while in our living room.

- True, and I love our oak floors a lot, but then you also did that thing called "having a kid" so...

Ok, she wins.

Also, is it common knowledge that lego bricks procreate and multiply? Because I was the only one who bought them for the kid and I bought two buckets of them. But now when we gather all of them to put them away we always end up with at least two and a half buckets. I am now convinced that every time one puts one Lego brick into another it counts as Lego sex and results in new bricks being born.

My brother is telling me not to be a whiny bitch and prepare myself mentally for stepping on one of those tiny trucks and then falling on those Lego bricks with my face because it is definitely going to happen too.

Live shot of me stepping on a Lego brick:

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