topum (topum) wrote,

Don't rub shite into your head please

I am now convinced that there is no substance in existence that a balding man would not rub into his head enthusiastically (and secretly). And, as usual I am sharing this newly acquired bit of wisdom with you guys asap.

This makes me very happy that all men in my family kept the hair on their heads pretty much till the end. Because as much as I want to think that I would never do that shit and would just go bald and shave my head with dignity, the evidence suggests otherwise. I am now witnessing the guys who I was certain would never fall for this shit (almost as certain as I am about myself) falling for it so badly that it is uncomfortable to watch.

Oh and one more thing, please don't ever do this (and remember that it looks much much worse in real life than it does in those promotional videos or in your mirror when you really want it to look good):

Tags: wisdom
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