topum (topum) wrote,

Music makes the people come together

So apparently March is a festival month full of concerts and events here because of Martisor. A lot of artists visit Moldova to perform at the festival. We got invited and are going to see these guys from Georgia tomorrow:

We had Georgian volunteers here and they were great and they indeed liked to do this a lot (Look at the face of the guy in black and white stripes at the far right, he is thinking "Wow, my life didn't work out like I thought it would at all. Why am I doing this?"):

It is a challenge for me to sit in a chair just watching something or listening to someone for longer than three minutes and I am not into music at all but I am being told that the concert will be relatively short. The kid's grandmother will babysit him for the evening and Helga and I will meet a couple of people for dinner and drinks at our favourite restaurant in the city after the concert. That will be fun.
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