topum (topum) wrote,

Off with the man buns

I had a very late lunch or an early dinner with the man bun guys. They are nice guys but gosh, why are we overeducating so many people waaaaay beyond their intellectual abilities and are confusing so many kids these days? I think I mentioned many times before that I would choose not to go to college and grad school if I had to do it all over again. For some of my brothers with their level of talent in their fields it did make sense but I would not do it again.

One of the guys wants to write a book (well, duh). He is in his early twenties, does not have any interesting or unusual life experiences, education or intellectual ability. But he Googled and read shit on his Macbook, it made him angry and he is really feelin' it so obviously he needs to write a book to tell the world about it. Dude...please don't write that book. And cut off that man bun while at it.
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