topum (topum) wrote,

I am back

I landed at about 3AM today and drove into the village around 6AM. Helga was making breakfast. The kid woke up around 7 and was all excited. He insisted on wearing these (see here) to mark the occasion of my return apparently. He likes these shorts a lot and generally tends to put them on to mark all kinds of special occasions (or for swimming).

I brought a necklace for Helga from London as a surprise present. She once saw it on my friend's girlfriend at a party and liked it a lot (more than I have ever seen her liking jewellery things) but apparently it was some limited edition that was not available anymore. Later I asked my friend to get the name of the jeweller for me and he did. They turned out to be based in London. I called them and they agreed to make one more necklace for me (not quite right away though). They also insisted on changing some tiny detail (pretty much imperceptible if you ask me) for some reason and thus make it "very slightly different" from their previous limited edition. They tried to explain to me why they needed to do it but obviously I don't have the attention span for things like these and I switched off and went day dreaming as soon as I realised that they would make the necklace for me and I was getting what I needed. I "woke up" when they were almost done with their explanation and were all excited that that tiny change would make the item "truly one of a kind" (I have no idea why anyone should care really but OK). It took them some time to make it but they delivered it to me yesterday. Helga was very excited about the necklace.

We went to the market at the nearest town and had lunch at a restaurant there. The kid insisted on wearing those shorts over the long pants to the market and attracted a lot of attention there and at the restaurant. He is now busy with all the presents I brought for him from London and Copenhagen and I am going to the capital to meet with the lawyers (oh, man...).
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