topum (topum) wrote,

We dropped the ball

My visit to Copenhagen was very intense (I was running around all the time) but awesome. Except for one horrifying discovery, it turned out that one of my nephews could not really do a Kimura (wtf...our kid can already do a decent Kimura, well not really but anyway).

His father (one of my brothers) just hung his head in shame and said "Yeah, I dropped the ball on this one." "We all did, brother, we all did" I replied. It is not my brother's fault, he is literally covered in babies most of the time now, it is my fault. So I dropped everything and taught my nephew to do it right. And he is coming to Moldova this summer season to stay with us and will train with us all summer. It is going to be intense but it will get him up the curve a lot. Some of our volunteers who are coming back this coming season are real pros and training with them is an experience. He cannot wait.

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