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Rabbi Adolf

So I just learned that the Chief Rabbi's of Russia name is Adolf. That sounds like one of the most unfortunate name choices for a kid I have ever seen.

Adolf Solomonovich Shayevich (born 28 October 1937) has been since 1983 the rabbi of the Moscow Choral Synagogue, which has been traditionally considered as Moscow's main Jewish house of prayer.

Presently he is considered the Chief Rabbi of Russia by the Russian Jewish Congress, one of the two major Jewish organization in Russia (of which he also is a member of the presidium). His claim to this title is not universally recognized, however, because the country's other major Jewish organization, Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, has its own Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar who is a member of Chabad, while Shayevich is Modern Orthodox.

While the Russian Federation is a secular state, the federal government has referred to both Lazar and Shayevich as the "Chief Rabbi of Russia".

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