topum (topum) wrote,

We are no longer in control

Nancy Pelosi, the 77-year-old Democratic leader, wearing four-inch heels and foregoing any breaks, delivered a record breaking eight-hour speech in an attempt to persuade the GOP on immigration. The previous record was set in 1909 apparently and was around five hours.

Less than a month away from her 78th birthday, four-inch heels, standing and speaking for eight straight hours without as much as a bathroom break.

And this is how we know that the world is no longer run by humans. They seem to have even stopped pretending to be us.

This right after that footage that made it clear that what is on Donald Trump's head is not a combover but some kind of a sentient deep water alien jellyfish that latched onto his head is highly troubling. No wonder he wanted out of the Paris climate accord, the jellyfish wants the seas to rise and its people to take over the Earth.

The world needs a nutjob like Alex Jones on this.
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