topum (topum) wrote,

I had a once in a lifetime experience today

Today I witnessed a participant in a heated internet discussion changing his point of view because the facts that he was not aware of before were presented to him by the other side. He looked at those facts, admitted that he was not aware of them before, changed his point of view, admitted to the other side that he was wrong and, please make sure that you sit down for this, people,....that's it. That's it. No deflection, no personal attacks, nothing. There was no "yeah, but anyway..." or "well, it doesn't matter cause people die because of people who think like you..." or "well but look at this link with this story about this person who thinks like you doing a terrible thing so..." or "well, this is not how you look at it, here maybe yeah, but in a broader sense..." or any other nonsense usual in such situations. That guy just looked at the new evidence and said that he was wrong. What, mate?

I feel like I had a once in a lifetime religious experience and witnessed something otherworldly and truly holy.

Obviously, the guy was immediately shamed as a horrible person no longer worthy of being listened to and cannibalised by his own side. That was expected though and it brought me back down to Earth from those higher realms.
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