topum (topum) wrote,

She chose freedom

My favourite news of the day on BBC is about this based cow:

"A domesticated cow has surprised Polish naturalists by spending the winter living with a herd of wild bison in the primeval Bialowieza Forest. The cow "chose freedom" by running away from a farm late last autumn."

I like how in this picture the cow looks like "WTF do you want? I am done with your domesticated mama's boys. This is my hood now and these are my boys. And make no mistake, they will kick your ass if you try anything funny, bitch."

- But you might die trying to give birth to one of those huge calfs!

- Fuck it then, I'd rather die giving birth to a real bison in this primeval forest than live like some milk producing machine in that barn of yours, bitch. And fuck artificial insemination, the real thing is so much better.

You go, girl!

Be like this cow, people. Choose freedom.
Tags: bbc
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