topum (topum) wrote,

Guacamole racism

Our shepherd boys were given a box of avocados by a regular buyer of their sheeps' cheese from the city. The avocados are still green and very hard. The guys never tasted them before, tried one and predictably hated it. I told them that they needed to give those avocados some time and they would become softer and much better and suggested that they made guacamole out of them. I then tried to pull up a recipe on my phone to show it to them. When I typed "guacamole r" into Google, the first suggestion in the drop down menu became "guacamole racism", "guacamole recipe" came second.

After I talked to the boys, I went to my office and saw this:

Now I am at home and I am watching our frying pan. I think it voted for Trump and is now trying to poison us. I am actually pretty sure it does. It also might be trying to oppress Helga and trick her into making me sandwiches (and possibly even guacamole). There just is something about it that is not quite right. I also suspect that our fridge is not a feminist, but I'll deal with it after I am done with the frying pan.

The world isn't a simple place these days. Stay vigilant, people.
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