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The details of the newly acquired treasure started to emerge

So the kid has been going through his yesterday's loot (see here). He is splitting the coins between different boxes and he showed me the contents of one of them (it looked like less than five percent of his total heap of coins). He is super excited about the coins, apparently they cost him a lot of ball bearings and broken fishing rods.

I took a couple of photos of the coins on top of the box he brought them out in.

Firstly, the kid is an amazing bread winner for his tender age, the top heap is 30 pence and the bottom heap is 2.30 US bucks, well done kid:

Now here:

- the first row is Russian silver: Tsar Nicolas II rouble, early USSR half a rouble, and some smaller silver ones
- three identical Romanian 200 Lei with King Michael (this guy, see here) in the second row are also silver
- the third row are some old Russian copper ones
- the fourth row is some Russian medalion from 1816 with some saint on it
- I don't know what the two in the fifth row are, there is nothing on them I can understand
- the quarter in the bottom right corner is for relative size

And on this last one:

- the top row is Soviet roubles from the 60s and 70s with Lenin and stuff
- in the second row we have two shillings with King George from 1948, a penny, a 1966 Canadian dollar and 25 Canadian cents
- the third row is taken by 2.5 of now obsolete Dutch Guilders with Queen Juliana, five also obsolete Deutschmarks, five obsolete crowns of now inexistent Czechoslovakia and one obsolete Pfenning from the German Democratic Republic that also is no more
- the fourth row is Zambia, Zimbabwe, a 1978 Franc of The East African Monetary Union, India, Guinea and Tanzania
- and in the last row we have a token from an old Soviet cruise ship and a Kiev's underground token

The kid spent a lot of time poring over the map with Helga today matching the coins to the countries they came from.

May be he will show us some more of his newly acquired collection later.

PS: Just as we were almost done, the kid brought this from under his bed:

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