topum (topum) wrote,

Treasure, gold, silver, mercury and plutonium

So the kid came home today with a box full of old silver (and possibly gold) coins. He got them by exchanging all kinds of his stuff with other boys, they do it all the time here.

He has a lot of "treasure" under his bed, which includes all kinds of old gears, heaps of ball bearings, old fishing rods, some mineral crystals, all kinds of wires, an old radio and so on. He is super protective of his loot and is not showing all of the coins to us yet, he rearranged all his stuff under the bed and hid the coins there as well. I will build him a treasure chest for his "treasure" tomorrow.

All the boys here have their "treasure" which they find who knows where and then exchange between themselves. They do not want their parents to see their stuff or have any control over it and are super protective of their "treasure".

We mentioned the coins to the parents of some of the boys the kid played with and they told us that they knew that some old silver and gold coins were "in circulation in the boys' treasure economy" and that their policy was never to interfere with or control the boys' exchanges unless a theft was suspected but that apparently never happened. What did happen once though was that one of the boys had a small sealed bottle full of mercury (WTF??) in his treasure but it was a long time ago and apparently nothing suspicious has been detected circulating in the "treasure economy" since then. Some of the treasure has been in circulation for generations. As the boys grow older, they lose interest in their "treasure" and it is inherited by their younger brothers or neighbours and is kept in circulation.

The parents also never help solve any disagreements that might happen between the boys during the exchanges. Those are ruled on by the "court" made up of the older boys and the court's rulings are final and respected by everyone.

The kid will show those coins to us sooner or later but today we are going to bed hoping that there isn't a bottle of mercury and a box of plutonium hidden somewhere under our bed or elsewhere in the house because I would much prefer gold and silver to mercury and plutonium or an old WWII hand grenade.

Good night, people.
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